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8 Unknown Facts About Virat Kohli

8 Unknown Facts About Virat Kohli

Unknown Facts About Virat Kohli

8 Unknown Facts About Virat Kohli So what makes cricket more fascinating? Well! There are two answers to this question. The number one reason is love for sports the people have, and the number two reason is the fan following for a specific cricket.

Believe it or not, but people go bonkers to see their favorite player being active in the ground, no matter the team wins or loses. So, when it comes to the Indian cricket team, it is not hard to find its fan in the entire world.

On unearthing the realities, it appears to be that most, all the Indian cricketers have a huge fan following, but they are not only admired for performance, but also for their personality and private life, as they are also a public figure.

So considering the entire fan following as a base to know the actualities, let’s wait no more to know the 8 unknown facts about Virat Kohli.

Fact 1 – Fastest of Fastest

One of the eye-openers is the fact number 1, where Virat Kohli has proved his mettle of making the fastest runs in the minimum number of matches. Yup! You’ve heard it right.

There was a time when Sachin Tendulkar held this record for several years, but the record was broken by none other than Virat. Wow! What a great way to make a wonderful top-notch position in the field of cricket.

So do you know what the record is? By the by, Tendulkar made 10,000 runs ODIs by playing 259 innings, whereas, Kohli made the score by playing 205 innings only. This made him the fastest cricketer in history to reach a score of 10,000.

Fact 2 – Truly Dedicated

Who doesn’t love his or her parents? They are the irreplaceable beings sent by God. But do you know in 2006, Kohli’s father took his last breath and said his final good-bye while little Virat was busy scoring in Ranji trophy? Even after his father’s demise, Virat scored a total of 90 runs the very next day.

This is one of the unknown facts about Virat Kohli and it proves that dedicated Kohli has always been when it comes to cricket. He didn’t give up on one of the horrific shocks and kept his entire focus on the match. For sure, his father’s good wishes have been with him the entire time.

Fact 3 – An Auction-Less Player Since 2008

To judge the consistency of any player, the easiest way is to assess the number of matches he has played in different Indian Premier League franchises. The one who has remained constant to a single franchise is thought to be the best player by all means. And gladly, Virat Kohli has this honor too.

Do you know since the first season of IPL  (2008), Kohli has never been auctioned to any other franchise except Bangalore? Yes! He is surely the star of Royal Challengers Bangalore and he can be a loss to the entire franchise if he goes somewhere else.

On the other hand, Kohli personally loves playing for RCB because he has earned huge respect through this franchise.

Fact 4 – Married to a Bollywood Beauty, Had A Different Crush Though

Bollywood and Indian Cricket have always been into controversies. The stars of two different fields have been found dating, partying, and having a crush on each other, but not many have made it to marriage.

However, the ice was broken when Virat Kohli proposed the gorgeous actress of Indian cinema, Anushka Sharma, and celebrated their marriage in Tuscany.

It was surely one of the most beautiful and traditional weddings in 2017. Nevertheless, the funny part is that when Kohli was asked about his first crush, he named the veteran actress Karishma Kapoor. Innocent Virat just tried to be honest with the answer, and that’s what people like about him including his wife.

Fact 5 – The Only Indian Cricketer to Make Century in World Cup 2011 as a New Comer

Here’s another unknown fact about Virat Kohli. So it was the year 2011 when cricket fans were getting crazy because of the world cup fever. A young man, with fearless eyes and powerful strokes, entered the ground and made 100 runs by facing 83 deliveries.

So was he? Sachin? Sehwag? NO… It was Virat Kohli. He took the stadium by storm and made his debut century against Bangladesh. This made him the first Indian cricketer to make 100 runs in the world cup.

But as you can see, this was just the beginning of something great. For now, Kohli has been one of the top-notch players in the history of cricket.

Fact 6 – One of the Youngest Players to Receive ‘Cricketer of the Year’ Award

The hot, handsome, strategic Virat has received several awards and trophies for his terrific performance, but do you know that he was named as the ‘Cricketer of the Year’ in 2012 by ICC when he was just 23-years-old.

For sure, this is one of the highest awards a cricketer dreams to attain at an early age, and through luck and hard work, Kohli has achieved what he dreamt of.

Fact 7 – Story behind those Tattoos

Talking about good luck, many people think that it’s the hard work that pays off. But, unfortunately, Kohli thinks in a different direction, and it seems like he has faith in good luck. One of the ways to prove this statement true is that Kohli has a tattooed body.

He made four tattoos, which includes a samurai warrior and a golden dragon on his hand. Legends say that these tattoos, especially the dragon and samurai, are to increase his good luck.

Fact 8 – What’s Cooked Mom? Beta Its Kheer and Mutton

If by chance you have found the above facts, even a bit boring (that shouldn’t suppose to be as a ‘Kohli’ fan), then this one will make you love Kohli more. Despite diet conscious, Kohli never misses eating Kheer and Mutton when it is cooked by his sweet mother.

Kohli is like an open book. He is never rude to anyone, and this is why not only the general public but even batsmen like Chris Gayle and the one and only Shahid Afridi are his fans and among his friend’s list.

All the unknown facts about Virat Kohli describe him as a humble human being who always works hard and stays positive.

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