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10 Unknown Facts about IPL – The Last One is Truly Amazing

Unknown Facts about IPL

10 Unknown Facts about IPL – The Last One is Truly Amazing

A thing without a fact seems illogical, isn’t it? Especially, when the world is now moving towards advancement in every sphere of life, things are becoming complicated but crucial to be understood. Here we are going to mention out 10 Unknown Facts about IPL.

But when it comes to facts, there are things, which are easy to understand but hard to explain. Similarly, there are things which may appear to be illogical but they showcase actualities, whether through hypothetical sources, arts, or simply by a series of coincidences.

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Whatever they are and whosoever is to judge the back story, facts never fail to astonish. So, believe it or not, but when it comes to the Indian Premier League, you can find numerous events and stories, which can be new to you. And, for sure, they blow your mind. Therefore, without deferring your emotions, here are 10 unknown facts about IPL, which will knock your socks off.

Fact 1 – The Chemistry between Chennai Super Kings and April the 25th

There have been myths for ages that so and so date or day could be wonderful for so and so person to get the job done in the right way.

Counting on the astrological perceptions and results is not uncommon in this era too. But if you think that this is just a mere story and dates cannot define any fortune, then you might give a second chance to your ideology after reading this fact.

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So, do you know that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has played total of seven cricket matches on 25 April since the beginning of IPL and they have never been defeated?. This fact does seem illogical, but you got to trust the chemistry.

Fact 2 – Virat Kohli’s Magnificent IPL 2016 Journey

Who doesn’t know Virat Kholi? His tremendous shots and exceptional performance is appreciated by every cricket fan, pro, and critique. Being one of the highest-paid cricketers, Kholi also has a reputation in the media industry.

But apart from being the main face of several brands, he is known for making some of the highest runs in the entire IPL.

Through his extraordinary performance in the IPL of 2016, he has a record of making 973 runs in the entire season.

This is his one of the best performance analysis in all the IPL series to this date, which proves that he is a terrific batsman. So! Still have any doubts about Kholi’s batting and captaincy? Well, there shouldn’t be any by now.

Fact 3 – Brendon McCullum and His Magnificent First Innings

Everyone is aware of veteran Brendon McCullum for his 360degrees shots. Being one of the famous cricketers in the entire world, McCullum is known for his best performances in the IPL.

But do you know that when he signed for his first-ever IPL season, he made his existence a remarkable one? Well, he didn’t use any magic-mantra to score 158 runs in his first IPL innings.

Yes! He made a total score of 158 runs without being out. It is truly unbelievable because he was new to the game and the atmosphere, but he made sure that nothing could steal his thunder. Also, McCullum is known to be the pioneer of receiving the IPL Man-of-the-Match trophy. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best 10 unknown facts about IPL.

Fact 4 – RCB Admiration towards the “Go-Green” Dogma

Planet earth has been rusted through pollution. The oceans and lands have not been treated well since ages.

The need for more and more greenery has become a necessity now, and this is why RCB has always promoted the “Go-Green” concept, to ensure that people are influenced to take care of this beautiful world. So a huge round of applause to IPL and RCB for pointing out the matter every time.

Fact 5 – Big-Guns of Australia Now and Then

If you are a fan of cricket, then you must know players like James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mathew Wade, Shaun Marsh, Ben Dunk, Rob Quiney, Dirk Nannes, Brett Geeves, Chris Lynn, and Mitchell Marsh.

These 12 people are now the superstars of the cricket world, but do you know from where they started their journey? Yes! IPL. Without a second thought, IPL has not only given these players a big ground to prove their mettle but also made them famous around the world.

Fact 6 – Sachin and the Orange Cap

The fact 6 out of the 10 unknown facts about IPL is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar. There isn’t any record which has been left by this awesome batsman. In the IPL of 2010, he made 618 runs in a total of 15 matches, which included 5 fifties. This led him to win the title of the first Indian batsman to have an orange cap.

Fact 7 – Delhi Daredevils Last Position Turns Out to be A Good Fortune

One of the incredible top 10 unknown facts about IPL is this one. Strange as it may seem, but whenever DD has been into the lowest position in terms of points, the second won team has always found its way to be the winner of the season. The best examples are KKR, MI and CSK winning the season in 2014, 2013, and 2011 respectively.

Fact 8 – The First Purple Cap Goes to Sohail Tanvir

The Pakistani bowler Sohail Tanvir has made the record for winning the first ‘Purple Cap’ in 2008. This tough guy crushed 22 wickets in all-over 11 matches by having an economy percentage of 6.46. WOW.

Fact 9 – The 16-Year-Old Mujeeb

Not everyone is lucky to play with international stars and in an event like IPL. But fortunately, Mujeeb Ur Rahman was auctioned for the 2018 IPL season, although he was just 16. This proves that IPL counts talent and age doesn’t matter.

Fact 10 – The Oldest Hogg in the Game

Truly, one of the mind-boggling among 10 unknown facts about IPL is that Brad Hogg has played in IPL 2016 from KKR. He has been one of the oldest players among all the other players. IPL has always something new and fascinating.

The above-mentioned 10 unknown facts about IPL is just a glimpse of something bigger. But one thing is for sure that IPL welcomes everyone and people love to watch it.

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