Here’s ICC Champions Trophy Winners List! See Where Your Team Stands

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Here’s ICC Champions Trophy Winners List! See Where Your Team Stands


Ever thought how this world would be without ICC? Of course! Cricket wouldn’t be the same as it is now if ICC Champions Trophy were not introduced to the world. A big round of appreciation to the entire ICC’s management for giving this sports its true colours. Now cricket is just not a simple game, but it has entertainment and fun, which stole millions of hearts. Almost, every major team has participated in the sports events organized by the management, and the fortunate teams have also made it to the ICC Champions Trophy winners list, which is surely an uneasy task.

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But why it’s no cinch? The reason is quite simple because there are competition and game pressure. Just imagine, all the world’s greatest cricket teams coming face to face to win the glory for their fans and country, wouldn’t it seem to be a war? But a war of commitment, dedication, and love for cricket, and this is the reason why the majority of the world has a meltdown when they hear about any upcoming ICC event. But as every game has a winner and a loser, therefore, here ICC Champions Trophy winners list, to help you with the history, so you can enjoy the upcoming ICC series more than ever!

Winner: South Africa in 1998

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

The first-ever ICC Champion Tournament played in the history was witnessed by the world in 1998. A pure knock-out format was the aim of the matches that took place in this event in Bangladesh. There were a total of nine teams in the tournament including Pakistan, India, South Africa, Australia, England, West Indies, and Sri Lanka who qualified through a great fortune, while Zimbabwe and New Zealand played as a pre-qualifier. However, South Africa became the king of this tournament by defeating Sri Lanka and most of the credit goes to Jacques Kallis, who single-handedly scored the highest in the match and completed the entire match by taking 8 wickets.

Winner: New Zealand in 2000

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

This tournament was another knock-out format for the series but with certain changes. For instance, the numbers of automatically qualified teams were decreased from seven to a total of five, including three teams to be chosen for the qualifying round.

The automatically qualified teams were New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Pakistan. On the contrary, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, West Indies, and India, fought face-to-face on the ground with hard work and consistency for the three berths that remained to be vacant.

India played extremely well until the main rounds clarified that this team is the one to be taken care of. This is why India was able to defeat South Africa and Australia in the tournament’s quarter-final, but as the team bumped into New Zealand, it faced a defeat itself in the final.

Now, New Zealand faced a semi-final against Pakistan and Zimbabwe to get itself enrolled to the final, which means that the trophy would go to either India or New Zealand. Undoubtedly, Venkatesh Prasad and Sourav Ganguly did their best to take the ICC trophy to their home, but it seems like the opponent team was high in luck. So, in the final, New Zealand won the match and made its name to the ICC Champions Trophy winners list.

Winner: Sri Lanka in 2002

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

This time, the tournament came with slight a different set of rules. There were 12 teams in the total, which divided into four groups. Among the 12, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and India made their names in the toppers list.

South Africa was defeated by the Indian wrath, while the Sri Lankan team had an easy game with Australia. The two qualifiers made their presence to the final of the tournament, but the fun was a bit disturbed due to heavy rain. With all the weather’s intrusion, Sri Lanka made 244 runs utilizing all the 50 overs with a loss of 5 wickets. But India couldn’t reach the score and the entire team was out by making 222 runs. And Sri Lanka celebrated the winning position in the tournament.

Winner: West Indies in 2004

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

By virtue, the 10 best teams automatically got selected, and the four teams – West Indies, Australia, England, and Pakistan – from four different groups, were up for the qualifying match for the finals. England beat Australia in the semi-final, while Pakistan was beaten by the West Indies.

The day came when England and West Indies were up to the final match of the tournament. All eyes were on the game, as the two most popular teams were playing against each other, but only one could take the trophy in their country’s name. And West Indies proved to be that one deserving team, which defeated England and made the history in ICC Champions Trophy winners list.

Winner: Australia in 2006

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

With loads of excitement, the year 2006 was much awaited for the ICC tournament where top-six teams, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Pakistan were automatically selected for the main round. And on the other hand, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe were judged by a qualifying round to safeguard their places on the remaining two positions.

The entire series was tough and exciting at the same time. Nevertheless, South Africa, West Indies, Australia, and New Zealand made it to the semi-finals. After the semi-finals, the score decided the fate of the teams for participation in the final. Australia and West Indies (semi-final qualifiers from each of the two groups) played the match and Australia won the 2006’s match by 6 wickets.

Winner: Australia in 2009

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

It was Australia which again became the winner of the ICC Trophy 2009 that took place in South Africa. But it appears to be that New Zealand was also a tough opponent for Australia, which made itself to the final round of the tournament, leaving behind all the other teams.

The world can never forget the dedication of some of the greatest cricket players in history, who made Australia, win two times in a row. This is why Ricky Pointing became the player of the tournament and he was also awarded as the highest run-scorer in the tournament.

Winner: India in 2013

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

Yes! There was a gap of a few years in the series, but in the year 2013, the ICC came with more power, more potential, more entertainment, and new players. There were 8 teams divided, which were divided into 2 groups including West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. And as ill-luck would have it, Australia couldn’t win a single match in the series so the team was out.

India, who was a tough competition for everyone else, became a victor by bringing England down on its knees. The winning team India won the tournament by 5 runs, which shocked every England fan because people were unexpected about such happening.

Winner: Pakistan in 2017

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List!

The final match of 2017’s ICC tournament was a memorable one, as the last update of ICC series has been a tremendous journey for Pakistan, especially for Hasan Ali. The kid along with the Pakistani team beat some of the experienced Indian players. Despite all the hard work, fans support, and great training, the luck wasn’t on the side of the Indian team. And of the most shocking moment that took place in final was Pakistan winning by 180 runs.

No wonder, the Pakistani team proved its mettle by strongly defeating India.

Cricket has always been a game of fun and entertainment, but ICC has given a new shape to this entire sport. All the teams, which have participated in this game, have been hardworking and respectful. However, a few have successfully written their names in the ICC Champions Trophy winners list. And now the cricket fans are desperate for the next season of the ICC, which will surely be better than before.

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