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5 Highest Individual Score in The History of IPL

Highest Individual Score in The History of IPL
Highest Individual Score in The History of IPL

5 Highest Individual Score in The History of IPL

Whenever the Indian Premier League (IPL) is discussed, there is always a bright spark in the eyes of the cricket fans. Whenever IPL is near, the entire world begins to welcome the event. Here we are going to mention out 5 Highest Individual Score in The History of IPL.

Of course! Seeing all the superstars of the cricket world on the same ground is absolutely rare, but thanks to IPL for bringing everyone on the same page. Despite several teams, the fans cannot stick to just one preference, as every team has a gem, which fills the game with enormous excitement.

And without any doubt, every player tries his best to perform supremely because every ball, every wicket, and every boundary is counted, which ultimately makes the history.

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However, there have been some extraordinary performances in the past IPL series. So! Want to know the highest individual score in IPL? If that’s a yes, then here are the names.

1.Chris Gayle against Pune Warriors in 2013 – 175 Runs and Not Out

Who doesn’t know Chris Gayle? Well! His popularity is just not limited to his home country, but also he is famous in every corner of the world where cricket is loved and admired. Despite several records, one of the best performances of Chris Gayle was seen in 2013 at Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Gayle played against the Pune Warriors (PW) in IPL and astonished everyone with his remarkable batting. Playing from Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) side, Gayle’s super batting power made everybody go bonkers when he made 175 runs on just 66 deliveries.

This not only proved his hard work but also made him the first cricketer to make the highest individual score in IPL, as well as, in the entire T20 cricket. Also, he made a record of making the fastest century in the overall T20 cricket by just facing 30 balls by hitting 13 boundaries and 17 sixes.

Because of this man, RCB was able to score a total of 263 runs by a loss of 5 wickets only against PW. And as expected, RCB won the match by 130 runs.

Chris also took 2 PW wickets in that same match. For sure, it was a match to remember for the rest of life.

2.Brendon McCullum against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008 – 158 Runs and Not Out

So it was 2008 and the Indian Premier League was just introduced to the world. Although IPL has shining stars everywhere, the fans were still looking for some unusual excitement. Prayers were heard and something great happened in the beginning.

It was Brendon McCullum from Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) against RCB, who made a score of 158 by facing only 73 balls. His effort enabled the entire KKR to make a final score of 222 by losing only 3 wickets. And a big thanks to McCullum for making more than half of the score, which was required by his team.

Mc Cullum’s tremendous shots included 10 fours and 13 sixes. On the other hand, RCB was unable to chase the score and only made up to 80 runs until the entire team was out. KKR won by 140 runs, thus making a memorable victory against the RCB.

3.AB De Villiers against Mumbai Indians in 2015 – 133 Runs and Not Out

After Gayle and McCullum, another highest individual score in IPL is by AB De Villiers. He is known for his great batting skills and he is among one of those players who can easily handle every kind of delivery.

ABD is also known for keeping eye on all sides of the ground, which allows him to make unpredictable shots. This is one of the reasons that De Villiers gained huge popularity and fan following in a short span.

Despite taking early retirement from the game, AB is still unforgettable for scoring 133 runs against Mumbai Indians in 2015’s IPL series. He smacked four sixes and 19 fours in total and made the score by just facing 59 deliveries.

The opponent team also played and fought well, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a diamond like De Villiers, who could make them the match winners.

So finally, RCB won the match with not a very huge difference (39 runs). ABD is one of the best players in the entire cricket family, and also the only player to score a century in Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore matches.

4.AB De Villiers against Gujarat Lions in 2016 – 129 Runs and Not Out

Cheer again for ABD for another remarkable performance a year before breaking his own record in the year mentioned above. This time, he played against the Gujrat Lions (GL) and it was the year 2016.

He successfully scored 129 runs by playing 52 deliveries. He hit 10 fours and 12 sixes in this match, and with Kholi’s partnership, the two greatest batsmen made a partnership score up to 229 runs. This helped RCB to make a score of 248 by losing only 3 wickets in total.

The partnership seemed to be tough and GL was unable to make it. Through ABD’s performance and Kholi’s partnership, RCB won the match by 144 runs. This is also known as the second enormous victory in terms of runs in the entire IPL.

5.Pant against Sunrisers Hyderabad (2018) & Gayle against Delhi Daredevils (2012) – Both Not Out at 128

It is an interesting fact for the lovers of IPL that both, Pant and Gayle are on a tie of scoring 128 runs. Gayle in 2012 scored 128 runs by facing 62 balls, whereas, the new sensation of Indian cricket, Rishabh Pant made the same score by facing 63 balls.

Both the batsmen are tremendously great on the field and therefore, the tie continues when talking about this score. However, Gayle broke in his own record in 2012.

All the batsmen who have scored the highest individual score in IPL have their own superpowers to bat. They are known as the living legends and people are always crazy to see them taking over the pitch. It is hoped that the upcoming IPLs will be more fascinating, astonishing, and record-breaking.

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