Comparison of PSL and IPL ? Which one is good ?

Comparison of PSL and IPL ? Which one is good ?

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Cricket boards do the domestic tournament to improve the cricket and structural of cricket. These leagues also bring some financial wealth to the country. In 2008 BCCI decided to do a league in a country in which international and national cricket players will take apart. Many international players including the legends of that time Sachin Tendulkar, Kumar Sangakkara was also there in the first edition of IPL.

The first edition of the Indian premium league was in trend in the world because it was a most successful domestic tournament in the history of cricket.

After this many other countries started their leagues and invited players from worldwide to play for them.These countries include Bangladesh, Australia and England.These countries boards it’s not only the way of financial wealth but also improved their cricket to a very large extent.

After the domestic leagues from these countries, we saw a lot of new faces in their national cricket teams.In 2016 PCB also decided to do a league in Dubai to make the domestic structural of cricket more good and give a platform to players to show their talents.

The first edition of Pakistan super league was held in 2016 at Dubai and it was also one of the most successful league in the world.People from worldwide comparing these both leagues IPL vs PSL. Might be there should not be compared both leagues with each other because both leagues are amazing and best at their level.We are giving a short comparison of these two league below.


IPL: The first thing that we can’t avoid is that IPL is amazing and wonderful because of crazy Indian fans. Almost every single match in an IPL is a full house.People from other states and provinces travel many miles to just watch a glimpse of their favourite player playing on the ground.

PSL: Almost the entire league was held in Dubai, Due to that we saw quite fewer people in the crowd to support the league.But When three matches were also held in Pakistan. Two were in Karachi and one at Lahore.That was the places we saw a big crowd and wonderful crazy fans were there.

Total Matches & Duration

In Three editions of Pakistan Superleague, there were only 34 matches including the final and playoffs.It took almost 30 days to complete the league but as we compare the IPL has 60 matches with 45 days league.People do not get bored watching cricket.They just need entertainment and the domestic league gives them the drama they want.


The big difference in both leagues are the IPL has the most number of Teams as compared to Pakistan super league.In the first season of IPL has eight teams playing in the league while in PSL there were only five teams in the first edition and even in the second edition also.Both leagues have given a lot of benefit to their cricket boards.

Cricket is back to home grounds of is due to the league of PSL and In Indian Cricket team playing a lot of stars appears due to IPL.

Both leagues are amazing at their level.We should not compare these both leagues because IPl is quite an old league in the world while PSL introduced first time two years ago.Fans from both countries like from Pakistan should enjoy the Cricket from India and from Indian fans should enjoy the cricket from Pakistan because of it a game we should spread love through sport.

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